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A Smarter Plan for Plastic

Smarter Plan is the genesis of technology developed during the building of The Plastiki, a 60 foot catamaran built from 12,000 two liter PET drink bottles. Smarter Plan is a joint venture between Myoo Media and Level 2 Industries to find smarter ways to harness and reuse the immense amount of PET plastics being thrown away each year.

Founded by designers, innovators, material scientists and entrepreneurs, the Smarter Plan team is dedicated to using the PET waste stream to build valuable products that can be endlessly recycled.  During the building of The Plastiki, the team created several innovative processes for building products from recycled PET aka rPET. The team named these materials and processes Seretex and they have tremendous potential for building safer and smarter products.

At Smarter Plan our approach to innovation is streamlined, efficient, unique, and far reaching allowing us to quickly create real-world solutions.  From our San Francisco based innovation lab the Smarter Plan team works with the latest equipment and manufacturing processes to create solutions to tomorrow’s problems. 


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Photo from the Plastiki book signing at Selfridges London. Thanks to everyone who made it down.
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Posted: June 2nd, 2011

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Trash is Cash! Kenyan kids use hip hop to enlighten us about innovative ways to recycle waste and make cash.
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Posted: May 25th, 2011
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